Thursday, August 1, 2013

Somehow, I got control of myself for a minute and did stop.  I asked him, if we could continue this another time?  With his cock thick and full from my attention, I'm sure it wasn't easy for him, but he agreed.  He took me back to my car, we said our goodnights and he drove off.  I went home myself and played with myself to cum.  Took off my makeup, took a shower and went to bed.
So now I'm a girl with a potential second date.  What do I do? Wait like an idiot.  It took me a while, and I don't remember how long, but eventually I found myself getting in touch with Dan again.  I had his number, I called him.
Now remember, I still had the majority of my life as a guy and I rarely remember a time when I would get a phone call at night from a girl hot to hook up with me.  So here I was, in my panties and bra, dialing the number of this guy who was definitely into me.  He answered cautiously, probably not recognizing the number.  I said "Hey, it's Beth, remember me from the other night when we drove around?"  Of course, he said, he couldn't forget. "I'd really like to see you again if I could" I said. Anytime he replied.  "How about tonight?" I asked.  Absolutley, he replied.  What time?  "How about in an hour or so?" I told him and gave him my address.   What the hell have I done?!
I've never invited a guy to my house and yet here I am, horny like mad and he's gonna be here in an hour!  Only one thing to do, get my makeup on!
Well that didn't take too long, and after a few wardrobe changes, for girly, to sexy, to slutty, back to sexy and the sluttier.  I was ready for him, my heart pounding and my clit throbbing.  I don't have a picture for you but I did look hot, that I remember.
Dan pretty much arrived on time, I could see him pull up to my house and park out front.  He got out of his truck, I headed downstairs to get the door for him.  I made my way carefully in my heels, running in 4" heels is not a good idea.  Besides, I was going to remain a lady for a few minutes more right?  The doorbell rings.  I stop for a moment and gather myself. I go to the remaining stairs and open the door for him. 
He's there in jeans, a polo shirt and ballcap, its warm (mid summer)  and he's already a little sweaty.   I am wearing a sheer navy blouse, black satin skirt, and 4" black pumps and he steps in and looks me over in the light from the outside houselight.  "You're gorgeous" he says and I melt.  Even in my heels, and I'm a tall girl,  he's got a couple inches on me in height.  He reaches for me with both hands, pulls me to him and leans in.  I'm small in his arms and looking up to him, I let my eyes close as he moves forward to kiss me.  I don't see it when it happens, but his lips meet mine and I surrender to his kissing, accepting and returning.  I hold onto him in weakness and desire as he controls my body with his size.  How long we made out, kissing and feeling each other in that hallway, I don't remember but it lasted forever and that was only the beginning of the night

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