Monday, August 5, 2013

We made out in the hallway, his size overpowering my body.  He was all over me and i let him take what he wanted. His rough unshaven face grazed mine as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I sucked it in wrapping my own tongue around his in surrender.  I could feel his cock growing in his jeans as he pressed my body against the wall with his, and I wrapped a leg around his to pull him in closer. My arms were wrapped around the back of his neck as we desperately kissed each other.  He began to grind against me, his manhood insisting itself through his jeans and the thin nylon of my skirt.  We broke for air and I took the moment to invite him inside.   I slipped under him and up the couple steps to lead him into my home.  Dan followed closely behind me, my heels clicking the floor through the kitchen, the dining room and into the living room.  I took his hand and led him to the couch and asked him to get comfortable while I got him a drink.   He sat down and relaxed on the couch leering at me as I spun on my heels and went back to the kitchen.  Glancing over my shoulder, I saw his eyes all over me as he stretched out on the couch, legs spread.
My legs were shaking and a shiver went through my body as I reached in to the refrigerator getting him a beer and pulling out an open bottle of wine for myself.  I paused a moment to gather myself.  Any thought of bailing wasn't even a consideration, I was gonna give this guy whatever he wanted and enjoy every second of it.  I returned to the living room and he tracked my every mincing step to him leaning over to hand him his beer he took it with one hand and leaned forward again kissed me taking the strength out of my legs. I almost fell on him as he somehow put his bottle aside and got my wine glass out of my hand too.  I was on top of him now, with his hands all over me, devouring his kisses.

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