Monday, August 12, 2013

We were like two teenagers on that couch.  I was enclosed in his grasp. He was kissing me, feeding me his tongue.  His hands grabbing my ass as my skirt hiked up in our heat.  His cock was straining in his jeans and I was humping his crotch in heat.  Any scrap of self control was gone for me, I was his girl and was responding to his every touch without any other thought than to what felt good and what was giving him pleasure.  He rolled us on the couch and took me over from being on top of me. With his thighs, he parted my legs,  and lowered himself onto me.  Any chance of escape for me was gone, and I wanted him there on top.  Now I was his girl and he made sure I knew it.  He really pinned me with his weight, kissing me, feeling me, grinding his cock into my crotch. He paused for a moment, taking off his shirt (god he was hairy) and pulled my blouse over my head leaving me in my bra and skirt.  He attacked me again, kissing my neck and then moving down to my little breasts.  He pulled a bra cup aside, exposing my nipple and feasted on it.  Too much!  His mouth on my nip, licking, sucking and biting was destroying my brain and locking me into bitch mode.  Gasping and moaning, I held his head to my breast, wrapping my legs around his pulling him into me more.  Every lick he made, every time he pulled my nipple into his mouth and sucked it erased more of my mind and made me writhe for his attention.

 I couldn't stand it and plunged my hand down between us, I needed to feel his cock more personally.  His jeans were in my way, but I found the top button and ripped it open to get to his heat.  It didn't take but a second, because his cock was hard and pointing straight up and it was then in my hand. A streak of precum glazed my palm but I needed more and began to gently pull on him.  He lifted his hips and I was able to slip my other arm free and unzip his jeans, exposing his boxers and my other hand at work.  He pulled down his jeans and his boxers exposing his cock, fully, all 8 inches of white thick goodness and I took it in both hands and really began to play with it fully.  
He got up and sat back on the couch again, opening his crotch, his jeans around his ankles and I reached out again for his cock, I couldn't stay away from it to save my life.

Sitting at his side, we continuted to make out with me stroking his cock and him playing with my breasts.  I could feel an increasing urgency in his kissing with each caress of his dick and wasn't surprised when he guided me off the couch to kneel in front of him.  I was on my knees, my hands on his thighs, pulling his jeans all the way off, over his ankles.  His cock was pointing straight up, red and angry.  I looked up into his eyes and he stared back for a moment.  Then he just nodded to me, giving me permission and I instinctually leaned forward to his throbbing meat and guided it to my lips.  His cockhead at my mouth, I opened for it and took him in, slowly and carefully, looking straight up at his face as his eyes closed with bliss. I began to suck his cock.  No thinking, no regretting, just his cock in my mouth, on my tongue.  I was sucking his cock, and nothing else existed.

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