Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hello dear readers!
So no, I have not hooked up with Mr. New yet. I know what you're saying...Wimp!

And yes, I am a wimp. I'm a wimp who's gonna get filled with cock.  Real Man's cock, not just some little thing like what's between my legs. I've gone too long.  Years.  And now I've got a long weekend all to myself.  To do what I want, to do what I need to do.  I'll have about 74 hours to suck and fuck as much as I possibly can.

Now of course,  Mr. New is gonna get first rights to my mouth and my pussy.  That's right, he's been patient and he's been good and now it's his time to be bad. I know I could call him up right now and say "Please meet me anywhere, I have to have your cock in my mouth" and in less than an hour I would be breathing into his pubes.  But I only have to wait a little bit longer, just over a week.  I just dropped a few hundred on a half dozen new dresses, some tops, skirts and of course so hot shoes and boots with no heels under 4 inches.

My weekend will start at 4pm Thursday and I will be right into the shower to shave down to make my legs and body as sexy for him as I can.  Out of the shower for lotions, makeup, nails.  This gurl is gonna be ready to go.  Let's not forget my little safety device the CB6000s to keep my clit in check!  By the time I'm done it'll be somewhere between 5 and 6 and it'll be dark out.  Thank you winter.  Then comes the next fun part, getting dressed.  Lingerie, clothes, heels, jewelry and perfume.  And then the moment I've been dying for and dreading.  I'll be calling him.   Maybe I'll call him before I get dressed.   I can't even explain how horny I get as soon as I lock my clit down.  It's like hitting a button in my brain that says "Beg for it now".

  So calling him, locked up and well on my way to making myself pretty for him is a great start.

 Putting on a skirt, sexy top and heels, and then walking out the door to my car is like dipping my toe into the water of a deep deep lake. 

Driving across town, dressed to fuck,  to a meeting place that he chooses, not me, whether it's a secluded parking lot or a motel will be like wading into that deep pool.  Allowing the dark waters to surround me, changing my skin from dry to wet, changing me.

   I imagine if he'll have me, he'll want me to meet him at a motel, but maybe we can just first get to sit together somewhere.  I want to park my car a space from his and see his face when I open my car door and put my high heeled foot out and let him enjoy a leg that will go on forever.  I can't wait to stand up for him to see all of me, saunter to his truck and climb in the passenger side, letting my skirt hike up as I get in the seat.  Sitting next to a real man again and getting to say, "May I please suck your cock?" to his face and having him allow me to unbuckle his belt and reach into his pants to pull out all manhood,

 Will be like getting ready to dive underwater and hoping you remember how to hold your breath. 

Pulling out his cock and lowering my head and opening my lips to take him into my mouth will be the final plunge below the dark waters.  I will close my lips around him and savor his masculine power and be reborn with the first drop of semen on my tongue as his whore.