Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To say I was surprised is an understatement.  Him going down on me honestly had never entered my mind.  And yet here I was laying back luxuriating in his oral pleasure.  Of course, it didn't take long to make me a whining writhing bitch.  I couldn't take much and I needed his cock more so I took a little control and went back to sucking his cock which had softened a little.  I wanted that thing HARD. 
Back to cocksucking for me and I was moaning and stroking him because I was a girl with a mission now.
I worked that cock and got my guy hard in no time.  He was humping my face and I was playing with my clit, but I had a need for something deeper.  "I want you to fuck me baby" I said to him, saliva trailing from my mouth to his cock.  His eyes grew wide and he paused for a moment, and smiled.  "Good, because I want to fuck you so bad."  I excused myself for a moment and minced upstairs to my bathroom.  I had lubed myself in advance, but I wanted to makes sure there was plenty up there because he was big and I was determined this was gonna be good.  I lubed up my pussy some more and brought the tube down with me and found him on the couch again, keeping his cock hard, stroking.
I walked up to him, leaned over and took his cock in my hand gently, kissed him on the lips and said "Come on".  I squeezed out a glob of ky and got his hardon nice and slick.  I then pulled him off the couch and turned around, kneeled down and put my ass in the air and spread myself wide open for him.
He got down off the couch and got down behind me and caressed my ass as he pulled up to my pussy.  I felt the the head at my pussy and then he pushed and the tip was in.  It didn't take long with how much lube I had in me and how worked up he was, to soon have that thick cock all the way inside me.   And yes, friends, he was bareback all the way and it felt sooooo good.    It didn't take too long, and I couldn't believe it but soon he was sliding that meat in and out of my pussy.  Grabbing my hips with both hands and taking everything I was and using it with his cock.
How long he fucked me for I can't remember, but it was a bit and then he came in me and made me his girl. 

It was the first time a real man had fucked me, and the first time one had come inside me.  I can't say I didn't freak out a bit after he had gone that night, but it wasn't long before I was calling him up again to come over for more sex.  I was his girlfriend and it was pretty sweet.

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