Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm starting this blog as part diary and part confessional and all truth.  I am a sissy.  I am a cocksucking, dick riding pussy.  I have not always been this way, at least not for the first preteen years of my life.  Not that I was a little nymphette (although maybe I was, sorta). 

My first memory of being feminine, was of it being forced upon me.  I was somewhere between 8 and 11, it's quite some time ago so forgive the less than exactness of my memory.  I remember getting in an argument with my older sister (some 8 years older than me) and her chasing me with a bottle of "Love's Baby Soft" perfume.  I know she sprayed me and teased me and then soon had me pinned and was applying lipstick to my young lips.  What started it, I can't remember.  But I do remember that soon after I was sneaking off to the bathroom to try on her swimsuits, then pantyhose and dresses.  A switch had been "turned on" in my young brain, and it has been a transforming experience since.

Into my early teens, grade school, 7th grade, 8th grade.  Panties, bras, skirts and dresses became an obsession for me. Then makeup.  I wanted to look as pretty as the other girls in school.   Where was the internet to help me learn?  15-20 years away.  Trial and error, masturbating furiously to being a pretty young girl. 

It wasn't long before I discovered a dildo in the house and then I did like all good girls do, I learned how to suck it and take it in my tiny pussy.  Not that I didn't try all sorts of other things like vegetables, hairbrushes etc.  Once I got a hold of that cocklike toy and could behave like a girl should, it was over.  Schoolgirl skirts, kneesocks, slinky dresses, I couldn't get enough and I was rewarded everytime I dressed up with a little cummy from my clitty.

High school passed with various additions and purges of wardrobe but it wasn't until after college that I had the true freedom to become the girl I wanted to be.   I dated girls and eventually had sex with them and loved it, but I also wanted to be the girl, badly, and have a hot guy to make out with and give myself to.

I never did hook up with a guy before my 20's

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